SuperOkay is for freelancers and digital agencies.
Add 💰hard cash to your bottom line by staying on top of client requirements, project scope & budgets using our smart Briefs, Proposals, Estimates, and Approvals superpowered by reusable content blocks.
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👋 Hey Product Hunt! First of all, thank you @chrismessina for hunting us. @maria_constantinescu and I have been running a small product design & dev shop for the past 7 years. Most of our projects were fixed scope and we saw a lot of issues with that. Briefs are hard, estimates are complicated, proposals are boring. That’s the way each project and client relationship begins and it's no fun. The whole process is still stuck in 2004. PDFs, endless chains of emails with questions and feedback, a folder with spreadsheets and documents which will be likely forgotten by the midpoint of the project. ⚡️We plan to change that⚡️ Building a website, app, brand, or marketing strategy for a client is a process, not an off-the-shelf product. At the same time, we feel the anxiety most clients have when dealing with opaque processes such as software development. It's normal. SuperOkay starts out by giving freelancers and digital agencies the tools to build beautiful interactive ✅Briefs, ✅Proposals, and ✅Estimates they can then share with their clients and get sign-off. All powered by reusable content blocks so it gets easier and faster to do it every single time. This is just the tip of the iceberg, and our goals are to bring a modern workflow, based on transparency and speed to the client-agency relationship. For our ProductHunt launch, we're offering one year of the Solo Plan for FREE when you use the 👉 PRODUCTHUNT 👈code in the app. Let's do this! Radu, Maria, Cătălin, Răzvan & Paul
Love this product, I really like it when tools empower freelancers or small companies. This way of doing things feels like a pretty new approach. What tools do you view as competitors or alternatives in this space?
@samuelbeek thank you for the feedback! We're overlapping with tools like Proposify and the maze that is PDFs + spreadsheets + docs + email threads + project management tools built for internal use. All these are not really client-friendly. Basecamp is probably the only one with thoughtful client-facing features and no wonder: it was build by an agency, just like us. SuperOkay is purposefully designed for professional service providers to be used with their clients to keep them on the same page.
@raduceuca thanks - this makes a lot of sense :)
🤯 excellent solution for an often overlooked but significant problem in agencies!
@matei_pavel Matei! Loooong time no talk :) Would love to get your feedback on this! You guys are doing such a great job with T-Me!
Simplifies our process immensely, which translates to client satisfaction. Thanks!
@geeria So good to hear, thanks!
Love this product