Supernova Studio is the first tool which truly bridges the gap between designers and developers.

Supernova Studio does this by taking your Sketch files and automatically converting them to native mobile UI, adding animations, navigation, layout etc. in the process - as you like. Supporting iOS, Android and React Native.

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Hello Product Hunters and Huntresses! Jiri here, the CEO and creator of the Supernova Studio. We are incredibly excited to be launching our first official version of Supernova Studio today after 2 years of secret development and nearly a year in Public Beta. We’d like to thank the over 10,000 people who participated and helped us to take the product to where it is today. Supernova aims to bridge the gap between developers and designers by automating the conversion of the Sketch mobile designs to native mobile UI. Here are some of the most prominent features: • 1:1 conversion of design from Sketch to native components • Automatic creation of responsive layouts • Automatic resource detection and export (no need for slices) • Automatic localization to 30 languages • Creation of navigation chains and user flows • The full-fledged multi-platform animation engine • Export of code, assets, project, fonts, UI and everything you need for iOS, Android and React Native • Supernova Cloud  the  one-of-a-kind collaboration platform • Bonus for all your late night sessions: Light/Dark UI mode .. and many more. We are on the mission to make the everyday work of developers and designers fun and interesting again, by removing the boring and tedious work of the interface creation. Supernova strives to empower designers and developers so they and their teams can focus on innovation. In addition to Supernova Studio, we are thrilled to announce Supernova Cloud. Cloud is a next-generation collaboration platform which is unique in its ability to present working mobile apps on the web - instead of static presentation, Cloud presents mobile apps to your team and clients they are meant to be - fully responsive, with an option to switch to between languages with native components, fully interactive components. Best of all - Cloud is free for everyone. If you are interested, here is the Medium article introducing Studio: And here is the Medium article introducing Cloud: Feel free to AMA and enjoy! Update 1: We are absolutely overwhelmed by the positive feedback that people are throwing at Supernova - thank you so much <3. To answer the most asked question throughout all the channels so you don't have to, this is what you can expect within next few months: - Automatic API / Model generation from the backend REST API - States / Logic - Support for more design formats - we'll share which ones soon - Support for websites - html and react exporters Update 2: Some people asked us about the code Supernova generates. We went ahead and this is the final, exported code for our tutorial application, "Spacebook" - for iOS, Android and React Native. There are -no- modifications done to the code.
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@appsupernova @jirka_trecak is this the first time Supernova Studio hits PH? anyway a big Thank You to you Jiri and your amazing team, will stay tuned to any updates from you! I'm in the Slack group as well.
@appsupernova @hesperiashimo Hey @hesperisashimo! We are launching the release version - 1.0, for the first time today, as it was released today! 9 months ago, we've launched a beta on PH and it was great to hear what community has to say - now we have the product that actually works, is polished and we cannot be happier to share it today - it is completely new experience for everyone as we reworked pretty much every part of the Studio based on the feedback. Alongside that, we are launching Supernova Cloud, our brand new product - which you can read about here - . Hope this helps, thank you for staying with us!
@appsupernova @jirka_trecak quick question - does this work on Windows also?
@appsupernova @jirka_trecak what's the price? Why it's not publicly available?
@appsupernova @jirka_trecak +1 for html and react code !!! support for websites would be great

Game-changer is an oft over-used term, but surely in this case it's appropriate?

Supernova isn't another 'get app quick' tool that simply spits out some dubious quality binary, it's a finely tuned and fully featured Sketch > native (or ReactN) code creator that bridges the ridiculous gap which exists between UI design and app development.

Read through their feature list and add up how many hours just *one* of them will save you on your next app project.


Ease of use, powerful features


None so far

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While companies such as InVision are focusing on building yet another design tool, you guys have built something truly innovative and game-changing. I wish you success. This tool was much needed! 👏
@robertsozolins Thank you, we are absolutely overwhelmed by the positivity that people show towards this product. We've developed it because we are designers and developers as well - and currently, there was no product that would make our cooperation smooth and enjoyable - I think all people experienced this problem. We hope you'll put it to good use, and we are just starting!

A long time ago I was following the development of this program by the creative and distinguished team, and frankly after his experience several times, I found that this program is one of the best programs that make the design a project ready for the three platforms known (ios,android,react)

This in itself is very distinctive.

The way the program works is very easy and does not require much effort to learn.

The method of responsive to the design in the program is very good


The idea of the program is very impressive and distinctive, and reduces the gap between designers and developers


At the moment there is no, and I need some time to try the final version

Congrats Supernova Team! Excited to see this become a reality.
@daviddrobik1 Thank you for the kind words! We really hope it will help designers and developers out there.