Supermetrics for Excel

The ultimate tool for automated marketing reporting in Excel

Effortlessly report, monitor and analyze your marketing data in Excel. With a few clicks, you can pull any data you need from any major marketing platforms. Visualize your metrics and customize your reports any way you want. Automate boring manual data transfer and save 10-30 hours every month. No more copy/pasting or importing CSV files!

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Thanks for sharing Supermetrics, @nikkielizdemere! Hey Product Hunters! Today we're super excited to announce our new flagship product, Supermetrics for Excel. We're already the #1 marketing add-on for Google Sheets and Google Data Studio, with 400k+ users in over 120 countries including multinational corporations like Nestlé, BBC, Dyson, and iProspect. This new product is taking us one step closer to our mission of bridging the data gap between online marketing platforms and the tools wherever marketers want to use the data. Why should you use Supermetrics for Excel? 🔥Pull all your marketing metrics into Excel. Unparalleled integrations with Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook, Bing, Twitter, Linkedin and the other marketing platforms you use. 🔥Automate boring manual work and save time. No more manual copy/pasting or importing CSV files. Save 10 to 30 hours of time every month. 🔥Kick up your data analysis game. Leverage the powerful formulas, tools, and data manipulation options in Excel. 🔥Reliably handle large datasets. Desktop Excel can process large data files with billions of cells while online spreadsheets are limited to millions. Try it out for free and let me know how it goes!
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Every day marketers spend countless hours on finding the needed metrics which are scattered around multiple platforms, copy-pasting this data into Excel, and keeping their reports up-to-date manually. Supermetrics for Excel allows marketers to: - Pull data from Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook, Bing, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other marketing platforms. - Get any needed metrics, combine them with any dimensions and visualize them in any form. - Automate the entire workflow, from fetching and analyzing data, to creating, refreshing dashboards, and emailing them. Supermetrics' mission is to help marketers leave the boring and repetitive manual work behind so they could focus on what matters. 💗
Huge thanks @nikkielizdemere for hunting this product! 🙏 We are thrilled to have Supermetrics for Excel on Product Hunt! This product is built user-first, here are some of its key features: 🙌 Best-in-class integrations Significantly more metrics and dimensions available than any other third-party tools. Most robust integrations with PPC, SEO, social, and analytics platforms 🙌 Easy-to-use interface An intuitive UI that lets you get any marketing data you need with a few clicks. No VBA or coding knowledge required. 🙌 End-to-end automation Automate your entire workflow, from fetching and analyzing data, to creating, refreshing dashboards, and emailing them to colleagues. 🙌 Customized, flexible reporting. Get any metrics you need, combine them with any dimensions and visualize them in any form you want. Give it a spin and let us know what you think! Happy reporting ❤️
Keep up the great work, guys! 😎🏆😎
@sam___hurley Thank you, Sam! Appreciate it 😃

I needed to create a monthly report in Excel with my Facebook ads data. With Supermetrics the process took literally minutes, without any manual copy-pasting!


Great tool which helped me get Facebook ads data into Excel really fast! It is easy to use and their customer service is on point:)


Not really, everything worked smoothly for me.