Supermetrics for BigQuery

Get all your marketing data to BigQuery without code

Unlock the full potential of Google BigQuery for your marketing team!
Supermetrics for Google BigQuery allows marketers and data analysts to pull data from Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Twitter Ads, Google Analytics and other key data sources to Google BigQuery without writing a single line of code.
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Anything that Edward Ford works on gets a 👍from me
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@liamboogar Thanks for supporting us! Edward also worked on which we launched today as well
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Hey Product Hunt! 👋 We are excited to launch Supermetrics for BigQuery. 🎉 Huge thanks to @nikkielizdemere for hunting this product 🙏 This is a perfect product for both marketers and tech-savvy analysts who want to effortlessly transfer marketing data to a data warehouse. If you’re a marketer, why should you care? 🤔 - A no-code solution: get data from all your key marketing platforms into Google BigQuery with just a few clicks - Designed with simplicity: build queries in the Google BigQuery UI - An intuitive workflow built by marketers for marketers: no need for engineers to set up queries - Best-of-breed connectors: get granular data from PPC, SEO, social, and analytics platforms - Data fully transformed ready-to-use: get all your data in a clear format ready to be easily visualized in platforms like Tableau and Power BI - An exclusive Data Studio connector: quickly export all your marketing data to BigQuery. Visualize your metrics quickly without data transformation If you’re an analyst or a data engineer, why should you care? 💭 - Pre-defined denormalized schemas: they effectively cover all the key reporting scenarios. No need to join the tables. - Create a predictable and reliable data flow: schedule transfers to get fresh data when you need it - No need to worry about the metrics/dimensions compatibility: improve report accuracy - Take advantage of the high-quality integrations from Supermetrics: No need to build and maintain custom integration yourself - No need to set up monitoring: you will get a notification if a transfer fails - A high-quality product co-developed with the Google BigQuery team We are happy to answer all the questions regarding Supermetrics for BigQuery and hear your feedback! 🌟 Happy reporting!
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