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A full VR browser for navigating web-based VR content. Put on a headset and surf dozens of VR sites in seconds!

Nathaniel Chen
  • Nathaniel Chen
    Nathaniel ChenFreelance Developer

    Browsing bite-sized VR apps is a breeze!

    I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of these WebVR sites


    Curated (for now)

    If a website hangs, you have to leave VR to restart the browser?

    Ever since buying a VR headset, I've been hungry for things to do with it. Supermedium makes browsing an option - I can string together a bunch of small experiences without having to leave the headset. The sense of exploration is awesome, I can't wait for more sites to browse 🙌👏

    The founders are the creators of A-frame, a framework for building WebVR apps. Great stuff, guys!

    Nathaniel Chen has used this product for one day.
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Kevin Ngo
Kevin NgoHunter@andgokevin · Co-founder Supermedium + A-Frame
Hello, we're Supermedium! I'm Kevin alongside Diego Marcos and Diego Goberna. We are establishing the Web as a legitimate foundation for virtual reality. Unlike native VR applications that require installing gigabytes of data and then take a minute to load, web-based VR content loads in seconds. VR content is published as standard webpages. Just as we click links to jump from page to page, Supermedium lets us surf the wild VR Web, frollicking from world to world. If you have access to a Vive, Rift, or Windows headset, download Supermedium and try it out! Let us know how it is!
Prasenjit Mukherjee
Prasenjit Mukherjee@pj_mukh · CTO, Vertical.AI
@ngokevin_ Exciting! Any reason you are not on mobile VR?
Kevin Ngo
Kevin NgoHunter@andgokevin · Co-founder Supermedium + A-Frame
@pj_mukh Yeah! Good question, it's a common one we get a lot, and we feel we're often taking the unpopular side :) Several reasons. 1. We don't feel the current crop of mobile VR headsets are compelling. We believe the engagement, retention, and quality of experience provided by 3DoF-only headsets are low. We do feel, however, standalone 6DoF headsets with controllers coming out will change the game. 2. We believe the minimum viable quality experience for VR is 6DoF with controllers. It is so crucial to be able to get close to something, look at it from a different angle, grab it. 3. It is hard to ship a custom browser on a mobile device and get it past the app stores. We'd need to build a browser for each VR platform. On desktop, the same browser supports all the desktop headsets. In the future, the current feature sets available on today's desktop headsets will make its way to the low end. 6DoF and 3DoF are inherently not compatible in terms of UX, so we focus on 6DoF as that is the future whereas 3DoF work today will be obsolete.
Michael John McClain
Michael John McClain@mjmcclain · Co-founder of Heilig VRFX
Still just a mustard seed but you will grow exponentially. So interesting to see how VR, became the ugly stepchild, so quickly. The second coming will be here soon. Maybe find a way to incorporate crypto-payments, like the Brave browser and BAT token.
Kevin Ngo
Kevin NgoHunter@andgokevin · Co-founder Supermedium + A-Frame
@mjmcclain Yup, VR was a bit too hyped at the beginning. Entering a VR winter, we're gonna put our heads down and focus and have something good when market is more ready. Ready Player One? :)
Timur Badretdinov
Timur Badretdinov@destinerio · Side-project ninja
Illustrations are stunning 😲
Diego F. Goberna
Diego F. GobernaMaker@feiss · Virtual Reality Technical Artist
@destinerio thank you! :)
Damjanski@damjanski · Do Something Good
Jeremy Bauer
Jeremy Bauer@barnabybones · Writer + Arts Instructional Designer
This is a cool idea and that is a fun logo ✨