A better way to manage data on the Ethereum blockchain

Supermax is a better way to manage your data on the Ethereum blockchain

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This makes it way better for developers to interact, test with dApps.
Where's the ICO?
@msavin oh I totally forgot about that. LOL
Any similarities with Factom?
Always in support of more blockchain applications but I'm struggling to understand the use-case for Supermax. Will the Supermax API connect to your local geth/parity node, or is data sourced on your end? As a Dapp developer, I don't understand why I would need a centralized API for a decentralized ledger?
@connorgutman As this ecosystem grows, we think developers are gonna have to understand how their network is being used: number of new wallets join the network, retentions, execution of different smart contracts events, transactions, transferred token amount and many many more. Currently, most companies I know are either building their own database for analytics or spend hours on ethercan to copy&paste data into spreadsheet. We want to make it easy to pull and manage Ethereum data, starting with building a set of APIs that is more flexible than the rpc calls from the node. There will be other services for different types of needs. The pain point gets more obvious as companies get to close to deploy to test net. I can't answer your question about centralized VS decentralized because I care more about solving a pain point at this moment.