Track all you need about your baby in a slick & simple app

SuperMama is the cutest baby tracking app. Log the most important habits of your newborn. Keep records of feeding time, food types, volume consumed, diaper change and sleep patterns. Vital data and stats set in a slick way.
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When my wife gave birth to our daughter, she became very overwhelmed with all the new responsibilities. She did not sleep enough and couldn’t remember how long ago did she feed the baby. She couldn’t remember how long was the baby’s daydreaming. She tried to write down everything on the stickers but they were always lost. I wanted to help as much as I could, but I needed to go to the office. That is how the idea of Supermama app was born. SuperMama will help new mom to: - remember when you fed your baby last time; - change the breasts during feeding; - track how much time you fed with each breast; - count the volume of milk pumped; - feed the baby with formula; - track a sleeping time of the little one; - make notes about changing diapers; - set necessary reminders (by the way, the time is counted from the end of the last event); - see the daily history of events and weekly statistics (very helpful when visiting doctors). Breastfeeding, bottle feeding, changing diapers, timely sleep - it will be much easier to establish a daily regime! So, if you desperately want to help your wife, just install Supermama app on her phone and suggest her to use it for several days. 😊 If you are a mom, or know young moms, please write your thoughts and comments.🙏
remember when you fed your baby last time
track a sleeping time of the little one
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It’s not only the most beautiful, but also the most user-friendly app with a great UI! No matter whether you breastfeed or give your baby a formula in a bottle, the SuperMama app will be of invaluable help. 👶
Minimalistic and cute design 😇, only essential trackers ✌️ and convenient analytics, I love how the app does its job! Hope it will get even better, yet staying clean and clear. Makers, keep going! 🥳
My wife is thrilled. Everything is intuitive and understandable.
I like the UI, very useful and intuitive. Downloading now
In the birthday step, I can't seem to select year 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
@onmyway133 Thanks for writing about this! Now you can't choose the date before October, 18 2016 (i.e. track a baby whos is more than 3 years old), but you should be able to select any date past October 18, 2016. If you can't please contact me in PM on Product Hunt or write us at Also, we are going to remove this restriction in the upcoming versions.
@supermama @n_lynx ja in my app, it seems I can select year 2018, but that year seems to be shown as white so it is not visible, I'm on iPhone X iOS 13
@onmyway133 Many thanks for the details! We will test and fix this ASAP.
@onmyway133 Khoa Pham, we kindly ask you to send us the screenshot or screen recording of this year selection error at the email above. Thanks!