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Hi! I'm a co-founder of SuperHost and I would love to talk to you and get your feedback. Thx!
Hi, @iamkoby! Great idea. Curious to hear how you validated demand for this service and decided on pricing.
@rrhoover We came up with the idea when we (me and my brother) needed someone to take care of our (separated) listings on airbnb when we travelled abroad. We searched for something like it and couldn't find anything so we made it. Regarding pricing - we try to keep it a no brainer. 1% is so cheap that you will just take it. We're building a lot of automation software that will help us to keep this price as we scale, but for now that price works for us also as an aggressive marketing strategy. Thanks for your message!
Hi @iamkoby! How do you guys compare yourselves to airenvy (also featured here awhile back)?
@bshih Thanks Brian! No, we don't. 1. We charge only 1% and not 18% as they do. 2. We see ourselves as a private receptionist for your Airbnb needs. This is why we give service anywhere in the US (and even outside) and not just in a couple neighborhoods in San Francisco. 3. Another big differentiator is that we see ourselves as a tech company and not as a logistics services company. What we do is automating the process of vacation rental hosting, and managing cleaners (although we do take care of that as well).