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Superfy lets you chat with people who can help you.

Just ask any question and our Super-bot will find someone who can answer, and let you chat away.

Superfy AI can instantly match you to the person who can answer your question in real time.

The app is powered by a superior algorithm for understanding and matching people.

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Never seen any app demand so much information from Facebook. From my tagged places to events, likes to education history. And it won't let you use it without those permissions, so couldn't even give it a try. Oh well!
@aziz_k Hey, you can edit what you approve in the facebook screen that appears after you login. We use the requested data to match people with questions. The more data we get, the better matching you will get... Likes and posts are the minimal requirements. To explain the education history: If someone asks about specific courses in a university you attended, the question will get to you because you provided that information by approving education history...we mean well :)
@aziz_k I just saw the Gboard keyboard on my iPhone did a terrible job so i edited my answer.
How does this compare to Molly, the new product by Chris Messina?
@productpearson the fact that molly hasn't launched yet means it's hard to compare.
@productpearson Also reminds me of Sensay which has been around for a while.
@nickabouzeid Hey there. Thanks for commenting. In sensay you talk to a bot that conveys other users but it's not a one on one chat experience. But more important is the smart matching we do. We worked 2 years to create an engine that automatically understands users from their social signals and matches user questions with other users that probably know the answer. We are still fine tuning the beta so it's not perfect yet and naturally as a big data play, the more users the better the accuracy will be but its very exciting!
@kaushalvyas010 launching isn't a one time event. 😅
@nickabouzeid that's my thought.
The website and app design is amazing IMO, I feel like your web on-boarding needs more information (i.e. FAQ and how it works) especially when your asking for so much data.
@kleo yeah. We are working on that and more. Thanks for the kind words ;)
Beautiful Illustrations and Design, I wish I had an iOS, currently I use Android, when it gets launched for android will definetly give it a try!
@joao_caetano Cool - ill update here when we do...
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Very intresting app - taking the Quora/Google/Yahoo Answers to a new level of a personal communication.


Useful app!


No cons.