Watch live interactive videos from, and with, your friends

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Hey there Product Hunt :) I’m very happy to introduce you to Superfly! We let you share a live video with your own private group of friends, while making them part of what’s happening. We know you what you are thinking, the one thing the world needs is another live video app! Well we didn’t feel that live video had to be synonymous with public video. We felt that watching strangers was intriguing as it played to the voyeur in all of us. But we lost interest pretty fast. Even more so, we felt the idea of sharing our own video with strangers was both terrifying and creepy. We built Superfly for the rest of us. That want to share and have the excitement of a live connecting with friends, yet remain completely private. We also dialed up the fun factor. Your friends are now part of your video. They can can tap to send exploding stars, animated rainbows, video selfies and more. When finished, the video is still available in your group. You can talk about it, and in case friends missed it live, they are able to watch a live replay, including all the interactions from friends, and add their own to the video. You can read more about Superfly here: I’d love to hear your thoughts and/or recommendations, I’m around all day! :) (Also feel free to email me any time: Thanks!
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@mattjishere @superflyapp Matt - this is a great idea. I can't wait to give it a try!
@ginab @superflyapp @mightybell Thanks Gina. We strive to make it look as good as Mightybell!
@mattjishere @superflyapp The timing feels right for an app like this to gain mass adoption. Congrats on the launch and psyched to check it out!
@mattjishere @superflyapp Your app's animation is really awesome! I'm kinda a novice in the iOS development and just wondering if you guys were using any animation tools like Quartz or Paintcode to make such animations.
I’ve been playing around with Superfly for the past few weeks and think @mattjishere and his crew have created something very cool. Mobile live streaming has become popular through Periscope and FB Live, but these apps are focussed on sharing moments in a public way with your “audience” / following. There’s no fun way to share live video experiences with just your friends, but I think Superfly has a chance to become the go-to app to do just that. Great design and UI/UX, but most of all a lot of fun!” Matt can tell you more :)
Full disclosure. I actually worked with Matt Johnson and team at ThisLife. Here are some things you can expect from the app, and more importantly, from the awesome team behind it. App: Being as non-biased as possible, but seriously, the experience this app delivers is first class. The moment you launch the app, you're put into a well designed Onboarding experience. As we all know, Onboarding is extremely telling of what kind of service you're about to jump into. Post-Onboarding proves this well. When you're broadcasting video, the controls kind of take a backseat keeping the focus on you. It's fun and light. When you're viewing a live video, things get magical. Because you're using this with friends, family...people you actually know, the ability to send, as Matt puts it, "exploding stars, animated rainbows, video selfies" actually is so key. Sure you're thinking, why do I care about these things? Trust me, use the app and you'll understand why. It's fun! As the broadcaster, you get to see first hand EXACTLY when someone saw something you did that interested people, and how they reacted to it. The expressions are just as live as the video. On a social network, someone "Likes" something, and you have to guess what part of the post was like-worthy. With Superfly, expressions were designed in such a way that time, and area of video, show exactly what was Star/Rainbow/etc worthy. The video selfie adds a layer of emotion in that you can *feel* the reaction from your group. Live broadcast something fun, and laugh together. Broadcast something sad, and be there for one another. You've probably read the app description and quickly associated it to some other app out there. Trust me, it's an app unlike anything you've seen before. Team: This team is listening and they move FAST. This app isn't going away. Use it, love it, and send them feedback. They're constantly release updates and tuning things. Again, I've been with this team before and I can tell you you're walking into a product that you and your closest people will be having fun with for times to come. It only gets better from here. *rainbows*
@romy ^ this guy! thanks Romy. We're pretty excited also and great to hear that you felt the Superfly magic that happens during a live video. *unicorns*
Definitely one of the more creative onboarding experiences I've seen! It's worth downloading just for that alone.
Love Superfly. It is beautiful and fast. The team did an amazing job on it.