Find recipes for ingredients you already have.

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@willimholte Yeah, it's almost a perfect fit to use us to get your initial ingredients, then supercook for what's left! Some sort of cupboard tracking functionality on Supercook would be good. Are the founders on here?
I've been wanting to build this for years – integrate this with something like Amazon Dash and Fresh (wishful thinking, but hey...) and provide a weekly meal planner around family preferences ("my son will not eat carrots"), weighted toward the stuff you already have in the pantry, and then a shopping list -> Dash/Prime/Parsly for whatever gaps you need to fill. Variety of tasty meals, less waste, less cabinet space full of unused stuff, and probably a lower grocery bill.
@rbilgil @staringispolite @willimholte On behalf of the founding team at Supercook, thanks to everyone for your thoughtful comments. We are currently developing a number of the features mentioned here, like bar code scanning for ingredients, plus an improved visual design and UI. You can see some of our future plans at, where you can also sign up for early access to our new website (Aug 2015) and coming this fall, mobile apps for iOS and Android!
Cool. I would love to see a bit of intelligence built into this (for example, I confirmed that I have eggs, then egg whites, then egg yolks)—I'm sure all that will develop with time. Wonder what @RBilgil thinks.
Supercook seem to have been going for a while, a similar one is MyFridgeFood. I've never used them myself but know plenty of people who like it! It was covered on reddit a few days ago as well Maybe we should think about baking this functionality into Parsly @willimholte ?