Supercharge your Mac menubar

Superbar is a free MacOS Menubar application that allows you to bring snippets, bookmarks, apps or system commands into an easy to access spot on your menubar.
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Hey guys! I found myself often reaching for notes, snippets, searching through cluttered bookmarks or doing repetetive system-tasks while using MacOS. So, I decided to build Superbar, a tiny menubar app that can store common snippets such as a Google Maps URL to your office, open bookmarks to your default browser so you can keep browsers clear of bookmark bars (digital minimalism ftw), run system commands in the background such as launching apps, workspaces, switch system themes – you name it. Also, for developers I've included a "run-in-terminal" mode which will open any pre-defined command and run it in a new terminal window. Weighs 4Mb, free forever. Written in Swift. Hope it's useful!
@tiivik I'm using BitBar for the last 2 years I guess, is there any difference between them?
@tiivik Love it, is there any way to add a piece of text without an action? I'd like to just show the current version of PHP running, as well as have some actions to switch which I have already set up. So effectively a title would just be a variable.
@developer_profile Hey! Thanks for taking a look. That's a neat idea. The titles cannot be programmed right now but that would be cool! Maybe take a look at a similar product that might help you out already
Great job!😊 Will check it out! Good apps for macos users not applicable to Windows apps
does it work with or compete against it?
@joshdance I think he's already using bartender as I can see the three dots.
@joshdance Hi Joshua! Bartender is great and I'm a customer myself. Superbar does not compete against it – I use bartender to organize the different menubar apps themselves while this product provides easy access to bookmarks, snippets & commands. Hope this clarifies!
@joshdance @leech Ideed I do and it's great! :)
Thanks for sharing @tiivik & congrats!
@eulerr Thanks Denis :)