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Hey Product Hunters, We’re back with a new tool from LaunchKit. We’ve previously released a tool to help prep App Store screenshots, launch an app website, and pull app reviews and sales reports from the App Store into your Slack channels. Reception from the developer community has been unbelievable. We have over 25,000 people using LaunchKit to make their mobile development easier. And today we’re releasing the first of a new set of tools to help even more. LaunchKit’s Super User Dashboard is a very simple way of seeing user activity and determining how many of your users absolutely adore your app. To get it set up, you install our open-source, lightweight SDK (I know… another damn SDK). If you have logged in users, you can pass us a unique identifier and basic info. Or not. Our tool works either way. Then, tell us what matters most to your app. Do you want users using it for hours a day? Or a few times a week? What’s a great user to you? You define that in LaunchKit. After you do those two things, we go to work. We’ll track tons of user activity in your app and over the next week or so, tell you exactly who your best users are. Once you have that information, you can use our SDK to target them in your app. As an example, you can set your “will your rate my app?” popup to only show when users have reached Super status. We're still at the beginning of a long journey and we can’t wait to see how people use this. Please ask a million questions below. Our team will be here all day to respond!
@mulligan Also, please check out the info on the open-source SDK. We tried to build it to be lightweight and transparent: https://launchkit.io/sdk
Love what you guys are doing. Did a app website for Receipt Donkey in less than five minutes, with an added benefit of having all those screenshots ready for Apple. Was so easy, so I have no doubt this product is a piece of cake to get going too. Great business move too - with enough adoption you'll have better data on App Store than anyone else besides maybe Apple! Looking forward to see what you do next.
@kirillzubovsky Kirill -- these types of comments that make it so much fun to do what we do. really glad you're enjoying the tools and please join the beta program to get early access to what's coming next.
I use LaunchKit suite and its worth trying it out. You will not be sorry.
@jedipixels thanks for the support Marco. Glad to count you as a longtime user.
Nice! Another useful tool from LaunchKit. Yet to try on an app and will be rolling out in our next sprint. Docs and installation guide look good. I'm guessing once the SDK's installed, you can easily bake in more useful features?
@paulgosnell thank you! we've got a lot on the roadmap to add :)
@paulgosnell Glad you liked the docs and installation guide! Please please let us know how your next sprint goes with using Super Users!
I haven’t had a chance to install the SDK and try it out yet, but I’m totally into the idea of this. A simple, focused analytics tool for engaging with the power users of your app. Great idea. This is an aspect of my userbase I don’t understand well, even though I already use Flurry and Fabric’s Answers. I don’t ask for names/emails of users (and don’t want to), but I could also imagine using this to generate popups targeting those specific users, asking them to give feedback, or asking if they want to test a new feature. Nice job LaunchKit!
@chrisvasselli thanks for the thoughts Chris! Indeed it does work even if you dont have signed in users. let us know how the installation goes!
@chrisvasselli One of the hardest things in launching a product is knowing whether or not your messaging is clear. Just you clearly understanding that it's simple, focused tool is really validating to us!