The easiest way to add search to any website. >Special launch day offer now live on our site!<
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I figure this would be a good place to ask. Which feature should we ship next?
Voice search
Built-in question answering
AI-powered analytics
More eye candy
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Hey Hunters, thanks for checking us out! 🎉🎉 It's 2020, but many websites are still a nightmare to navigate and find information on. That's why we want to make it super simple to add an elegant, minimalist search widget to any website. Our particular goals are: 👉 Make it super simple to use 👉 Make it super simple for website owners to implement We're constantly improving super simple search (or as we lovingly call it, "3s"), so we'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions! On our website you can create previews, to see how 3s will look on different websites. Here are some that we tried: Wikipedia: https://api.getsupersimplesearch... The Guardian: https://api.getsupersimplesearch... Mauritius Tourism Information: https://api.getsupersimplesearch... Join us and spread the word, to make the web more beautiful and easier to navigate! 🔥
Congrats on the PH launch ! Curious to see the applications
@chnsydney Thanks Sydney! Surprisingly there are still many websites that treat search as an afterthought, or don't have search at all. We'd like to change that 🔥
For me it works pretty well, and can really make search easy, and keep the users on a website. Good job guys!
@zsuzsanna_seredi_szabo Thanks for the kind words Zsuzsanna, much appreciated! 🥰
Demo worked great! Really impressed how simple it is. Would be great to have auto-complete feature.
@ferid_movsumov That's great to hear, and thanks for the suggestion! Auto-complete is definitely on our list for v2 of super simple search.