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Moritz Kobrna@neuling2k · Developer & Co-Founder @die_antwort
and this is how you cheat 😁 lets call it the elevator cheat 😄
Moritz Kobrna@neuling2k · Developer & Co-Founder @die_antwort
ok sorry, just one more 😊 this one is called follow my mouse cheat.
Ben Tossell@bentossell · newCo
This took me sooooooo long... but strangely addicting
Adriano Caheté@adriano_cahete · UX Designer & FrontEnd Developer
The game didn't accept my answer on second level... :(
Moritz Kobrna@neuling2k · Developer & Co-Founder @die_antwort
@nano_cahete haha nice try! guess the collision test does not work on rotated elements :D
DaGGaSoft@daggasoft · Daggasoft
@nano_cahete lol a coworker tried this exact thing. We still haven't addressed it.
Jen Looper@jenlooper · Founder, LadeezFirstMedia
what an awesome idea!