Super Mario 64 HD

The classic N64 game, revamped in HD for Mac, PC and Linux

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Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
I know what I'm doing this weekend. cc @staringispolite @liveink
Adam Lieb
Founder/CEO @ Gamesight
@staringispolite @liveink @rrhoover If it takes you the whole weekend to beat the first level you are losing severe gamer street cred :troll:
Jonathan Howard
Part-time CMO and startup advisor
@rrhoover YES! This was the first 3D game I ever saw. We used to go over to my friend Ebby's house (he was the first of my group to get an N64) and take turns playing. We were enraptured even just watching each other play it. I played Mario3D so much I had to start playing through in 1st person camera mode. In a way, I've been chasing that feeling with every game since.
Jonathan Tzou
Co-Founder, Rupie // Founder, Optix Data
Doney den Ouden
Founder & CEO, Cardbox
Nostalgia! Might want to clarify that this is just the first level of the game, made in Unity as a hobby project.
Zacmarketing manager
Gonna need a full version now