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Hey, i am a codirector at univers labs. Bit of background with super looper. The original concept was for a clients brief they did not go for it, but we liked it so much we kept it and developed it in spare time for ourselves and for fun. It was a nice change to make something separate from client expectations and commercial money. Let me know what you think! Happy to answer any q's our developers and designers will be happy to chat too! oh here is the promo video:
Disco Disco.
I'm a sucker for these experimental, freeform music creators. Here are a few others: - Beatwave - Create great music simply by tapping - Keezy - Turn your iPhone into an instrument - Plink - A multiplayer music experience What did I miss? :)
@rrhoover Also this weird thing that has no name
@mutlu82 ooo that's nice.
@michael_mclean ah, yes! Love that one, too.
Don't forget patatap! i hadnt heard of keezy and plink though. They are quite addictive and very accessible. we wanted to do something similar but allowing you to record and share loops something people really wanted from patatap. I want to do a hip hop sound set next!