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Jelly makes it fun to share and easy to read opinions, which helps breed empathy. If Wikipedia is for facts and Quora is for answers, Super could be a lighthearted place for subjective declarations.
I've been playing with Jelly, along with several thousand others from what I'm told, for the past few days. Here's the cheesy photo I took during the on-boarding signup: Similar to Whisper, users create and respond to one another with text+photos. TBH, I haven't used it enough to have a strong opinion but it hasn't hooked me yet. Granted, Super isn't supposed to be out, yet. :)
love the style of the app.
@iamjohnp strikes me as a mess... i assume it's for a target market i'm not in!
@cjl49 yeah, to be clear, i like the style of the onboarding flow (i posted my comment in haste). the app itself seems a bit noisy and not something i'm really dying to spend any time on.
Ha! From @biz (referencing MyBook): Btw, when's MyBook launching, @biz?
Another side-project app! I wonder how this came about?
@thomasmeagher this definitely isn't a side project, from what little I've gathered, but hopefully @biz and team can jump in.
@rrhoover sweet! Definitely would be cool to hear @biz's thoughts!