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Hi all! I work with Biz and co at Super and wrote the iOS app. We're sitting here happily waiting for people to try out Super!! Let us know if you have any questions :)
@jazzychad Hey! I was on the beta. You guys did an awesome job communicating updates. I loved the Einstein photo you were using in your branding but know you couldn't get sign off on it. Who else were you considering besides Bill Murray?
@robjama haha, we really wanted to go with Einstein, but it was too tricky. I'm not sure who else we were considering. Maybe we'll rotate through some others over time. Basically our deciding factor is "does this make us laugh?"
From @biz @jazzychad & co: "Super is a fun way to share thoughts, ideas, and recommendations with your friends, or the entire Super community. Or both. We provide the sentence starter, you fill in the rest." From me: Been having a lot of fun with the service so far - love the UI, very playful and encourages creativity. Excited to see how the community uses it.
@kaz @biz @jazzychad I've been playing around with the beta as well (thanks to @rrhoover) Some really interesting UX flows and on-boarding. I loved the whole "take a picture with the prop sunglasses."
Hey @jazzychad - really liking Super! Is there a certain type of persona or mindset Super was designed for? Such as, "Super is for those really fun, off-the-wall life moments," or "Super is for people that are bored with existing social apps?" - Would love to hear the thinking behind the user personas, as I like the app and want to hear how others are mentally prompted to use it. Thanks!
Super is one of the great app and i am enjoying it i'm there DJ KAMAL MUSTAFA My name @biz