Monthly business progress reporting made easy.

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You beat me to it @ramykhuffash - looks like a great solution for startups.
Just started using. Its ideal for the stage we are in. I was in fact thinking of creating a spreadsheet. This solves that problem nicely with a great UX.
Looking forward to trying this internally with my team, then rolling out to stakeholders.
I can finally keep the C-Levels and the Board updated. You don't know (oh, well, maybe you do) how useful this is! In 2014 I made only about 3 monthly reports then I quit doing them, because it was getting way too messy. I love the Supdate method. I've already filed 3 months for 2015 and I have the others in-progress. This is amazing. It has a few glitches, which I hope will get fixed. The metrics reporting is a bit broken and has errors when saving numbers that aren't integers. If you place 3.44 for example, it will not be saved :( Anyway, I can work around that. But we finally have reports and they are awesome to read and write. great job!
A big update this week - Team Collaboration. You can give you team access to limited areas so for instance your marketing guy can update marketing, your finance girl updates the finance stuff. You, as CEO, then read it write a short summary and send the report out to your investors. You even get notified when they view it. More awesomeness based on user feedback coming soon