A safe, simple tool for one-time (self-destructing) messages

sup3rS3cretMes5age is a tool built inside Algolia in order to easily share secure information like passwords, secure API keys & more.

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I've been thinking about making this for a long time. Every time I DM an ENV var to a coworker and then delete the message, actually. I'm so glad someone else did it first! And thanks for making it open source instead of a service. How else could you actually trust it?
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Nicolas Dessaigne
Co-founder & CEO, Algolia
Hey hunters, We're very excited that our first release since the big ProductHunt 4.0 update is sup3rS3cretMes5age, a tool that our security team wrote for sending one-time, self-destructing messages. The tool is self-hosted and built on Hashicorp Vault and very easy to implement (no complex deployments such as installing Redis, Node and other dependencies). The best way to mandate security measures is to make them as simple as possible: the tool is widely used here at Algolia because it is exceptionally easy to use. We're excited to get feedback from the PH community - this is the first time we open source an internal tool, so we hope you find it as useful as we have! Please tell us what you think! -Nicolas
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David Ryan
Creator of Corilla.
@dessaigne this is wonderful and also crazy, as we were just talking about this idea with some of our new hires. Thanks for saving us the weekend hack time!
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