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Hi guys, I'm Rich, one of the Founders of Sup. Super excited to share it with you all. We've been working on it for a while now. The idea came from doing 74 flights last year for my previous company. I would check in on Facebook, in the new city or new airport I was in, hoping a friend would be close so I wouldn't have to eat on my own. It happened an awful lot but would always be two hours or two days later. People don't really use Find My Friends as you can see people's exact location on a map anywhere in the world and you can stalk people. Sup doesn't have a map and only lets you see 2000m away so there is no stalking :) If anyone has any questions, I'm super happy to answer :) and would love any feedback you may have. Thanks Rich
I love the idea, I often travel and learn after that one of my friend has been there because he posted a photo of his holidays on Fb or Instagram. This app is a really good idea. Do you plan to have an extension such as showing friends of my friends?
@quent1h Thanks for the feedback. we are adding a feature for friends of friends in a couple of releases time as well as the ability to message a group of people who are around you.
Hi Rich, There are lots of apps in this market, like: Life360, glympse, gps tracker. find friends, highlight and even FB ( I know.. some of the apps are good for families (I want to know were they are all the time). btw, apps for families are making lots of money (read about Life360). The apps that gave the ability to discover friends nearby didn't have the retention and business model to succeed. It was nice for 2 weeks and then people delete the apps and notifications. I hope you will find away to solve this problems. Good luck!
@yanivpresler Thanks for your note, we have taken maps out of the equation so you can't track or stalk people. You can only see if someone is within your radius 2000metres maximum and 20metres minimum, you can't tell if they North, South, West, East so you can literally just see if they are in on your area. Really appreciate your feedback. Thanks Rich
There can be a cases where I don't want to use this app for examples I have lied to my gf that i am going to so and so place and later on she found that I am near her location only . As a result she caught me. Isn't it a kind of stealing privacy? P:S - No offence :)