Sup 3.0

The first creep-free way to see nearby friends

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James Campbell
@jcampbell_05 · Founder, Bottr.co
Hey guys I'm one of the iOS Engineers for Sup :) If you find any bugs, have feedback or ideas then don't hesitate to post a comment here.
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Rich Pleeth
@richpleeth · Founder, Curious
Super excited that we've been hunted! We'll be commenting throughout the day, any questions just let us know :) Would love all your feedback so we can make Sup even better.
Paul Kemp
@paul_s_kemp · The App Guy Podcast
I'm loving this app. @richpleeth recently spoke about it on my podcast. Straight after my chat, I introduced two entrepreneurs from UK and US who only missed each other by 24 hours (despite being 1/2 mile apart visiting Boston a day earlier). This app will help people physically connect more often.
Dimo Trifonov
@denull · Founder of @feeld
I've seen your stickers around shoreditch :D
Pierre-Marie Galite
@tsunaze · entrepreneur, mobile developer/advisor
With a name like this, I would've thought you would ping your friends with a "Sup". Love the app
Gabriel Whaley
@gabriel_whaley · MSCHF.xyz
As one of those strange awkward folks who like people but also like space - I very much appreciate the "invisible" feature. Also, measuring distance in time, A+. It's been a pleasure watching this product evolve over the past few months. If anyone's in ny, toss me a sup and let's hang out!