Sup 3.0

The first creep-free way to see nearby friends

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Super excited that we've been hunted! We'll be commenting throughout the day, any questions just let us know :) Would love all your feedback so we can make Sup even better.
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You can read a little more about Sup on a medium post here: and also about our culture
@richpleeth @supmenow Sorry but how's this different from "Nearby Friends" in the Facebook app? And what exactly does "Sup" do that makes it "creep-free"? Thank you
@huntergray @supmenow Hi there, you can't see a friends exact location on a map just if they are in your area which can be up to 25minutes away or as little as within 5minutes. It's not directional so you can't actually track friends. We also have a hide button, so you can just tap and take yourself off the radar.
I'm loving this app. @richpleeth recently spoke about it on my podcast. Straight after my chat, I introduced two entrepreneurs from UK and US who only missed each other by 24 hours (despite being 1/2 mile apart visiting Boston a day earlier). This app will help people physically connect more often.
@paul_s_kemp Thanks Paul, really appreciate it. Hopefully the new app will make it much easier for people to miss out less.
I've seen your stickers around shoreditch :D
@denull Great :) let us know any feedback you have and come say hello sometime! :)
@denull This makes the pain of freezing cold hands so worth it! Thanks Dimo
@denull Amazing :)
With a name like this, I would've thought you would ping your friends with a "Sup". Love the app
@tsunaze Hey Pierre-Marie! Funny you should say that... that's exactly what we have. Thanks so much - really appreciate your support.
@tsunaze You can indeed! Thanks so much. Any feedback let us know!
@dannylowney I couldn't test it yet. I'm on Android, that's why :D!
@tsunaze just your great instinct hah. Thanks!
As one of those strange awkward folks who like people but also like space - I very much appreciate the "invisible" feature. Also, measuring distance in time, A+. It's been a pleasure watching this product evolve over the past few months. If anyone's in ny, toss me a sup and let's hang out!
@gabriel_whaley Awesome, Gabriel - thanks so much! Hide Me can turn it in to a pretty interesting 'avoid my friends' too. P.S. 'to toss a sup'... I like that.
@gabriel_whaley Stoked that you like distance in time! We're very happy with it. Still a long way to go so keep watching ;)