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If you want details on Sup, here's my TechCrunch deep dive into what it does and its vision to let you explore any place on earth
@joshconstine really well written 👍
From the description - "Sup lets you ask friends to show live video from their camera. You can use gestures to have them show you what’s going on, and even ask for mo’ time when things get good."
Looks like Povio but for video.
@rrhoover haha, you're not the first to point that out. We arrived at Sup from a very different starting point though, and we think it's simpler and (hopefully) more compelling.
By @nickmeyer, cant wait until @rrhoover installs so I can start commanding him
Remember color app?
@thomasknoll i definitely do :)
@thomasknoll @liveink We at Sup remember Color too :) ... both the initial version that got all that press after raising $41mm, and their video- and Facebook-focused relaunch. We definitely have a lot of work to do to make Sup easier to understand for first time users, but wanted to get it out there as soon as possible, and with as little sensationalism as possible, to get feedback. We think the core video mechanics are pretty unique and have a lot of potential - what do you think?
@lehrblogger liking sup a lot more than color, i think there's need for a better onboarding to show swipes and a corresponding stock video, but I'm liking it so far!
@liveink We're working on a tutorial video. Good suggestion!