Pill Reminder and Quantified Self for Supplements (iOS)

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Alex PrushynskyyHunter@areuent · Product/QA at Officepal
A side project wife and I been working on. We already track things like work outs and runs with strava and since we were taking supplements, there wasn't a good app out there that is simple and at the same time would provide the historic data. We will probably keep expanding the quantified self component of the app to focus on the medications/supplements taking around the personal goals.
Matt Gardner@thatmattgardner · Co-Founder,
Don't have iOS to try it out but have a question. Can I add I when I buy a new supplement and as it tracks it reminds me when I'll run out? About once a month I realize I'm out of something and have to go without, really annoying. Same with normal meds, as they like harder to get then just running to gnc, etc.
Alex PrushynskyyHunter@areuent · Product/QA at Officepal
@ThatMattGardner this is a great point. So you can find apps that will do it for you on android and on iOS at the moment. I didn't have a chance to implement refill reminder in this iteration, but it counts down the amount already, just doesn't send a notification yet. Should be deployed in the next few weeks. It would be interesting to partner up with walgreens or CVS to be able to actually order a refill. Not sure what kind of traction would I need to make it worth their while though. Any thoughts?
Matt Gardner@thatmattgardner · Co-Founder,
Counting down is probably good for mvp land, refill ordering would be unreal, it might give me a reason to use it but prices matter a lot for supplements. I stock up if the sale is good enough, etc. I try to avoid paying full price. Does Google Shopping Express have anything devs can jack into yet? You could hand-hack it by finding a sup site with free shipping and just mirror their prices and process orders by hand until you can't any more :) I'm probably not the best to identify deep pains in the space because I haven't actively searched out apps like this, even though I use supplements 6 days a week. Tracking stuff, even with apps, is usually tedious from my experience.