Herbal tonics for humankind

Founded because one of us had an auto-immune disease and the other believes in fueling the plant powered movement. Our mission is simple, nourish and re-energize the human connection to our bodies, our planet and each other by harnessing the power of herbs.
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In the process of dealing with an auto-immune disease Eliza (co-founder CEO) realized there were no easy ways to access clean plant remedies. It was either an overwhelming natural aisle in grocery stores or $100 luxury tinctures and mixes. As Eliza began crafting and bringing the tonics to market she met me Jordan co-founder and CMO. When we met, I had just taken the Impossible Burger to market and started the plant-based movement as head of marketing. Our pasts lead us to start to imagine what a world of truly good for you and the planet products could look like. Sunwink uses whole herbal plants, fresh lemons and maple syrup. That’s it. Literately no preservatives or fake flavors. Everything you taste comes from Mother Earth and 1000 mg of herbs in each bottle. In addition we give 2% of sales on every bottle to our Impact Organization called The Mothers Fund where we focus on supporting women and Mother Earth non-profits. You can find us online or in select stores across the US. Welcome to our plant fam. We hope you join us on this journey and enjoy. Jordan
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In my previous life I've worked for many years in the beverage industry, and I have to say: what Sunwink has achieved is amazing! - the product tastes good - the price is competitive - the packaging stands out - it's rehydrating I can't wait to see the product on more shelves!
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Thanks for your support Simon! We are trying to do it right this time around in the bev category.