See the time of sunrise and sunset all around the world.

A simple and beautiful app to see the time of first light, sunrise, sunset and last light all around the world. Adjust the location yourself or use your phone's location.

A weekly calendar is included to view the future or the past!

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first thought, a good compliment for apps for muslims, especially around Ramadan
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Co-founder @eVect
Hello ProductHunt, Today I'm launching SunTimes, my first React Native application. For a long time I've wanted to make an app that enables me to see the times of sunrise and sunset in the future. So when I was in need of a subject for my first RN app, the choice was easy. The process of making it can be found here: Furthermore I'm doing a little research in the various ways of launching and promoting a new application. This app has been silently launched over 3 weeks ago, and I've gathered information on how the discovery of it went. You can find that information here: I'll be here all day to answer any further questions!