Distraction free social network.

Sunshine is a social networking platform designed to not be distracting. The main feed only shows you 1 status at a time to help you concentrate, and once you interact with a post it is hidden to prevent you from scrolling through recycled content all day.
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A little over a month ago I told my Twitter followers about an idea I had for a new social networking app ( I’ve been building It in my free time and it’s called Sunshine. In a digital world ruled by apps that draw us in Sunshine is designed to not be distracting. The main feed only shows 1 status at a time so that you can concentrate on the content in front of you, and once you interact with a status (like or skip it) it’s hidden from your feed so that you aren’t scrolling through recycled content all day. When composing a status you can pick a mood that will show across the site, this is all in an effort to make people more empathetic. If you see that a friend is upset you’re more likely to reach out to them with words of encouragement. Another thing Sunshine does is warn you before sending a potentially mean status update. This is a beta application and not completely done by any means. I’m inviting you to register during the beta and try out this application as it gets built in the open.
@daltonedwards i started to use this site when twitter was down. Is very simple to use! 😻 congratulations Dalton for making Sunshine the next social network site!
@daltonedwards I’m so happy to see Sunshine on Product Hunt, congrats!! I joined Sunshine when Twitter was down and it was a lot of fun to discover new people :)
@satwaya thank you! 😁
As I'm building a new social network as well. I love seeing other options of social networks! We need this. The time is up for the facebook mafia
Congrats on the launch! :)
🎉 Huge congrats on the launch @daltonedwards! It's been awesome and fun to watch you build this in the open. I love have simple this is, and really does help with reducing overloading that Twitter, Facebook etc. all have. Looking forward to continue using 🔆 and seeing you build/grow it! 👍
@gadgick thank you so much! 🥰🔆🥳