A simpler, personal, more accurate mobile weather experience

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Having used this a bunch for the last few weeks, I really enjoy the app. I love participating in the network of sensors and seeing the results. Great team as well!
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Thanks for the hunt @harper. Sunshine is a new weather experience on your smartphone. We have made the most accurate weather forecast possible, and we are delivering it to you in the most futuristic and well-designed app we know how to make. This is the result of our passion for understanding the environment and almost a year of R&D exploring mobile sensors - more specifically the barometric pressure sensor - and building and iterating on forecasting models to make it more accurate. Sunshine is only getting smarter as more people join. Our initial results are incredible. We can actually map out the entire atmosphere and provide us with the data that can accurately predict the weather on a scale that has never been possible until now.
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From the screenshots it looks like Sunshine might report microclimates, something San Franciscans are very familiar with (the temperature in the Mission can be wildly different from North Beach). Does it, @ivarelas and @katerinastro?
@rrhoover Hi Ryan. That's correct. Sunshine's technology allows us to get granular weather in a way it was not possible before. Our forecasts are generated in every location we have enough users contributing data. This is something that was not possible to achieve before, since existing technology relies on weather stations that are very limited in location.
@ivarelas @rrhoover It certainly does. That's the reason I got excited about Sunshine in the first place. So far, it's tracking the microclimates in SF pretty accurately for me :)
Been using for the last few weeks, it's an awesome way to know the difference in regional weather in San Francisco. Great design too.
For the first time ever, we will have accurate weather data! No more guessing on the temperature or whether it's going to rain. I've been using sunshine beta for a month and it works.