Sunsama Product Manager Kit

A daily planner for PMs, now integrated w/ Trello/Asana/Jira

Sunsama brings together all the work you need to do each day from across your different tools. The Product Manager Kit features new integrations with Trello, Asana, Jira, and Google Calendar so even the busiest PMs can stay on top of their work.

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8 Reviews5.0/5
What I love about Sunsama's approach is its fantastic ability as a platform to help you focus on what you need to do *today*. So many product/project management platforms do a great job of showing and measuring long term progress, but I've yet to see a platform that handles the minutia of each work day so elegantly.
Howdy Hunters! When we launched Sunsama on Product Hunt back in March, we were blown away by the positive reception from the community. Having an intuitive way to organize all your work for the day using the “Daily Kanban” interface resonated with folks used to using tools like Trello and Google Calendar. But we also heard from many of you that something was missing, and that Sunsama was falling short of its promise to organize *all* of your work each day in one place. When it comes to tasks, we heard that you already have a big backlog of tasks living inside of other tools. For Product Managers in particular, much of your work already lives in PM tools like Trello, Asana, and Jira. That’s why we’re launching the new Product Manager Kit. The PM Kit allows you to browse all of your tasks in Trello, Asana, and Jira, directly within Sunsama. You can prioritize which tasks you want to work on today by dragging them into the daily kanban, or directly onto your calendar. You can also change the status of these tasks once you’ve added them into Sunsama (e.g. ‘todo’ -> ‘done’), and that change will be updated in Trello/Asana/Jira. With the new PM Kit, you can now manage your work each day from a single place. And you can do so right alongside your teammates so you all can see what’s being worked on each day. Give it a try for yourself, and please let us know what you think.
Sunsama is by far the best productivity software I've used to date. I started using it personally, and it spread through the rest of my office like wildfire. Pro: It's easy to organize anything and everything. Organize your tasks day by day, and organize your meetings on a built-in calendar. Your daily tasks and calendar intertwine throughout the app to make it simple to keep track of both. You can leave comments on your tasks as well as your calendar events. Plus you can invite your team and see when their calendar is full and what their tasks look like (if they're not private). Cons: No app yet, but I've been told it's in the works.
@thepriyadarshy any ETA of the iOS app?
Loving it so far! Some on-boarding process would be helpful though.
@krzysiek_kijanowski happy to give you a personalized onboarding over a google hangout if you'd like, Chris! Let me know, I'm at
FWIW, this is a surprisingly beautiful experience for a daily task tool and is increasingly becoming integral to planning my day. Is there a roadmap for future integrations?
@pavan_gupta we're going to ship a todoist integration within the next few weeks. After that, GitHub issues. Is there a particular integration you're hoping for?
@travisawakens ClickedUp would be a great integration.