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This is a Boost company, so I am bias, but I believe it to be the best in the category of scheduling products. I use it on a daily basis, and have only been impressed.
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@adamdraper you're a whale on Sunsama. you've scheduled more conversations than anyone else. I don't know if we mentioned it but we rolled out an update that takes care of travel time when it schedules your meetings. turns out thats really valuable when you've got meetings spread from Menlo Park to SF.
awesome hunt! i know the team very well - love what they are doing with this product. have used it in the past and it has saved me some time with scheduling.
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Basically, you sync your Google Calendar and connect to people from your network, and set times when you have time to meet/chat/whatever. I haven't used it yet, but I like the sound of "the world's time network". However, I did sign up because I'll need this pretty soon...
@v4violetta Cool find! Have not tried it yet either, but the idea reminds me of both the ages-old Doodle ( as well as Calendly (
@v4violetta @preslavrachev Doodle is probably a better option for poll based group scheduling. I mentioned this before but Sunsama is focused on scheduling based on relationships and trusted groups (feature coming soon).
@preslavrachev @violetanedkova we now have scheduling for groups!
My biggest problem with scheduling lately is not being able to send the other person my day schedule. All I want is an app that allows me to send a person my schedule for one day (while keeping events private) and say "choose from these parameters". attempts this but fails to address timezones and only sends open time slots. Just let me choose the day and let me send it to the other person on email. That's all I need.
Looks pretty good. We're solving the same problem with a similar approach @, but we think proper calendar views are easier to understand than a list of times. Also we handle group meetings as well as 1:1.
@saintmac looks awesome! sounds like it would be great for group conversations where you want to give everyone a chance to vote. we're more focused on building a social network where people share their time and discover interesting conversations. we'll be rolling out a bunch of features in the coming weeks to focus more on group-based networks and a social feed. its probably a vision difference but we don't want to focus on calendars we want to focus on people. our group scheduling only unlocked for power users right now :)
@saintmac also if you want to talk more in depth feel free to grab some time with me