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As the former Google Calendar PM, I'm thrilled to see this team continue to make great stuff. SO much room for innovation in calendaring.
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Sweet jeebus! Just acquired by Microsoft for north of $100m...
@clarklab Unfortunately. Looks like they'll run another great service into the ground...
@clarklab @shanerjeffers Yep... this product is officially dead. Good work Microsoft. Why must you take our nice things? Source: http://blog.sunrise.am/
Sunrise has officially taken over every device I have. Nice one, @jeremylv!
I feel like I'm the odd one out for not using Sunrise! I've tried it a few times on my iPhone and definitely love the design, but the social integrations aren't for me—I think it's a clear differentiator from something like Fantastical or Calendars 5 by Readdle that Sunrise is so focused on social integrations and invitations, which I don't use at all. I also found the Foursquare and Reminders integrations weren't very useful. I'm not sure why you'd want to see where you checked in on previous days (as opposed to having a log in something like Day One of everything you did, including check-ins) and showing Reminders but not being able to edit them seems to defeat the purpose of that integration.
@BelleBCooper Thank you for your feedback. Have you seen some of the integrations we added to Sunrise lately, which are much more focused on productivity with Github, Asana, Evernote, TripIt and Songkick? We have more integrations on their way. http://techcrunch.com/2014/06/17... Beyond integrations, the beauty behind Sunrise is to have one unified experience across mobile and desktop with one single account which always remains in sync.
@jeremylv I have, yep. Although I use Asana, I prefer having my tasks integrated into my calendar so I can edit them as well. Read-only integrations don't do it for me. I totally see why so many people love Sunrise, though, and I'm really glad to see you doing well :)
@BelleBCooper You'll be happy to hear that Sunrise has a read/write integration with Asana. Whatever you change in Sunrise will reflect in Asana and vice-versa :)
Does anyone know if the guys behind Sunrise are releasing an update for the app soon? I've checked the Mac App Store page and the last one was a year ago.