Beautifully designed calendar app

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Alexis Ohanian
Alexis OhanianHunterPro@alexisohanian · Co-founder, Initialized Capital, Reddit
I don't know why exactly, but I really love this calendar app on mobile as well as on my desktop. It just works.
Yann@troblous · Product Enthusiast
@alexisohanian " It just works" -> +1 It's reliable and fast. The iOS8 widget is nice. Must have!
Jonno Riekwel
Jonno Riekwel@jonnotie
This completely replaced all the other calendar applications for me. It's so well executed.
erik Martin
erik Martin@hueypriest · previously GM @reddit
I've been 27% more on time to shit since I started using Sunrise.
Amy Vernon
Amy Vernon@amyvernon · I do stuff on the Internet.
This is the best, best, best calendar app.