Sunny Weekend

Discover cities with sunny weekend near you

Sunny Weekend is an application that finds cities with good weather on weekends near you. It looks for those with driving range.

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5 Reviews5.0/5

If you live in an area which is rainy and doesn't have many sunny weekends, this is app is for you.


It does one thing, and does it good.



The app looks fun, I love the idea ! Need iOS App now ...
@tiekks Yea, we plan to release on as soon as possible but currently, we try to fix every possible bug. It's on React Native for now, so IOS won't be a big problem :D
Might be awesome to have a IFTT tools that send you notifications on Friday for example
@tiekks We haven't thought that, but sounds like a good idea indeed. Thanks for the suggestion, much appreciated :)
Awesome! Already downloaded! Can't wait for the weekend now!
@meineleserei Will take a look at the location that takes a bit of time. Thanks for the feedback :D

nothing more to say


Easy to use


Searching for my location takes quite a time