A smart light fixture that brings the changing sun indoors

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I cannot stand obnoxious lighting, especially in the workplace. Sunn looks calming.
Somewhat related: check out f.lux for reducing eyestrain from your computer LCD.
@rrhoover good call f.lux is related. To quickly communicate the concept to people sometimes it's easiest to say Sunn is like f.lux for the real world. Trying to recreate sunlight indoors is not an entirely new concept but we'd like to think we've developed a fresh take on it. The Sunn App combines elements of Google Earth, f.lux and Yahoo Weather apps to provide a whole new level of beauty and simplicity to the smart home. We originally started with just the Sunn App for Philips Hue and LiFX but after noticing the shortcomings of interacting with third party lamps we knew we had to create our own.
Worked alongside one of the founders of this product over the summer. At the time, I didn't know much about it, but the finished product looks awesome. I like the idea of using this as an overhead light in my bedroom to ease in to the day. The moonlight feature seems pretty cool as well, it'll eliminate my harsh iPhone flashlight at night.
For a person who has issues waking up in the morning and going to bed at night, this could be a fantastic help.
EVERYONE - any interest in joining our app beta testing? we applied to launch the Sunn iOS App for Hue and LiFX at SXSW on March 15th. It'd be great to get feedback prior to that. The Android app is about a month behind the iOS app. Let me know! email the team directly at
I recently bought and it has changed my mornings. This Sunn light could be a nice compliment
@joelblackmore Hi Joel - the Sunn Light is like a Philips Wake Up light on steroids :)