The world's first gummy for sun protection

Sundots are the world's first gummy for sun protection.

Sunscreen just isn’t enough. Sundots help fill the gaps.

Developed by a Harvard-trained dermatology researcher, Sundots are based on polypodium leucotomos, a fern extract backed by 30+ years of sun protection science:

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This seems awesome! But I'm skeptical. How does it work, if I spend all day in the sun? Is it a replacement of sunscreen or a supplement to sunscreen?
@davidbograd you're right to be skeptical, I was, too! Here's a good summary of the research, and lemme know if you want more background on the science - we love to geek out over this: Sundots aren't a replacement for sunscreen, the same way UPF-rated clothing isn't a replacement for sunscreen. We need all the protection we can get, and each tool works great in some ways, crappy in other ways. The way it works is that polypodium leucotomos, our active ingredient, inherently provides sun protection benefits, primarily via antioxidant activity. There's more detail in that journal article above, and I can also answer any follow-up questions you have. Plus I'm getting our co-founder/CSO Dr. Javorksy on Product Hunt ASAP!
Hey @chris_tolles this is so intriguing - a gummy that can save our skin? How? ☀️😎☀️
@abadesi Take a look at my reply to @davidbograd above, and see if that answers your question! Also lemme know if you want more detail on any piece of it, happy to chat.
I’d like to learn more. As a mom of two young kids I’m always looking for ways to protect our skin. I recently learned about Sunguard, a powder you put in your washing machine and it turns your clothes into sun protectants. Does it work? Not sure yet. So SPF-clothing paired with wearing sunscreen and these that the complete package? I’m so intrigued.
@prsarahevans here's the best summary of the evidence (warning: it's pretty geeky stuff, even for folks who consider themselves pretty science-fluent like I do): The overwhelming evidence is that we don't get good enough sun protection. Skin cancer rates are 3.5x what they were in 1990, for example... and it's not because our beach bags aren't filled with sunscreen. As I mentioned above to Carlos, sunscreen and UPF-rated clothing are both super-great, but also leave big gaps in coverage - Sundots fill those gaps. I haven't come across Sunguard yet, but it sounds like an interesting approach - sort of like permethrin for sun, if you're familiar with that product for the outdoors. Lemme pull in @emilia_j, my co-founder and Sundots CSO, for her take on Sunguard. Emilia, what say you!?
@chris_tolles Absolutely fascinating. Thank you! Yet another reason I love Product Hunt.
Is this FDA approved as a drug or dietary supplement? Also, if you take one are you immediately protected, or does it take multiple doses to get enough polypodium leucotomos to provide protection. Explain how this works in the body.
@rmagrino howdy! Sundots is a supplement, and the FDA does not "approve" supplements (common misunderstanding - I didn't get it before I got into this product myself). There are lots of other ways that the FDA and other bodies regulate supplements, but they don't call it approval, since their permission is not required to market products. One of the most interesting findings from the human clinical research into our active ingredient, polypodium, is that it acts super-fast... for sure in two hours, maybe faster (that's the delay between dosing and UV exposure for many of the best studies). You don't need to "build up" polypodium to get protection. However! UV radiation is an everyday risk (it's there in shade, it's there in winter), so we're focused on daily use of Sundots, and my cofounder @emilia_j and I take it every day for that reason. When you do the math, the majority of UV radiation we're exposed to over a year actually comes on days that have nothing to do with the beach... it's the bit-by-bit accumulation that really harms us. Lemme know if you have any more questions, we love talking about this stuff!
@chris_tolles also, what is the shelf life on each bottle? Thanks
@rmagrino the short answer is 12-18 months. The longer answer is that technically we can't label an expiration date until we do testing on the actual production run, which will happen post-Indiegogo in May. So I can give you a definite answer later this year... but it'll be 12-18 months. :)
@chris_tolles Thanks. What ingredients and quantities are listed on the package label. thanks
@rmagrino our only active ingredients are 240mg of polypodium and 800 IU of Vitamin D, if we hit our $100k stretch goal. The other ingredients are listed on the campaign page, and are: organic tapioca, organic sugar (required for gelling), pectin, sodium citrate, citric acid, and organic fruit- and vegetable-based flavoring.
It's funny because I was like it sounds interesting but i'm curious if anyone would actually buy it. Only redeemed perks I see are one person bought it and then two people payed 12k to go to ecuador but i'm mainly curious where the money is from
@evan_waldenberg that's my snafu! We just ended our Early Bird perks, and the way Indiegogo is set up, once you take down your Early Bird perks, they're not visible as backers in the right sidebar. So it looks like everybody "disappeared", when in fact they're just attached to the Early Bird perks that are no long active/visible. Does that make sense?