Most Hangover relievers want you to take them while you are drinking or the night before going to bed. As a Pharmacist many asked me what to use for hangovers. I spent 5 years perfecting a versatile hangover reliever which can be used the night before or the morning after drinking. Interested in a sample? Get one here all I ask for is a review.

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Being able to avoid a hangover is always very exciting. This product was created by a pharmacist and it uses natural ingredients which is great. Do you guys ship worldwide?
@cassandra_beaulieu Great question. Yes we will be, however it generally costs $25 via USPS to do so.
Genius! After the Sunday formula gets traction you can expand into kits for every day of the week. Monday hangovers are another beast entirely.... Kidding! Cool product! will share with my drinking buddies (that is, my buddies who drink)
What are some ways to make you feel better when you are feeling hangover?
@amirul Hi Amirul. My product takes a 4 prong approach to beating hangovers. The right electrolyte and vitamin balance, an herbal remedy from Asia which boosts your ability to detoxify alcohol and natures remedy for headaches- willow bark extract and caffeine.