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Hi product hunters! 👋 Jean from the Sunday team here. We (@laurent_chenay and me, 2 engineers from Belgium and France) started working on mobile photo apps 2 years ago. Our initial idea had little to do with this app: it was really focused on helping families share photos of kids. That idea was not bad per se, but when talking to our early adopters we found that a bigger pain was that their photographic memories (with family but also close friends) were scattered in many different places. Our parents send us attachments, our siblings send us shared folders from their favorite cloud, friends make shared albums with Picasa/Google Photos or tag us on Facebook... We quickly realised that most people (even computer-savvy!) had photos in several places, and while these are theoretically accessible, in practice, they are never enjoyed again. We did a private alpha with just a read-only web app that scanned Gmail for forgotten photos & Picasa links, and the feedback from our friends was encouraging: there seemed to be a big reservoir of happiness, scattered all over our digital lives. So we re-built Sunday from scratch as a photo gallery that would take care of this problem once and for all by gathering all the photos we have in one combined gallery. Sunday now connects to 11 photo storage/sharing services like Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Dropbox, OneDrive, Foursquare… then takes care of detecting duplicates across services and presents all your photos in a fast, simple photo gallery. This is our first mobile app — we hope you enjoy rediscovering forgotten photos with it and we’re really excited to hear your questions, feedback, and ideas here!
@jeanfw @laurent_chenay Congrats. That's a lot of integrations for a launch! A few questions from a curious hunter: 1. Are photos saved in a particular one place? Or is the app just displaying the photos from the several sources without backup anywhere? 2. What's your business mode?
@danflopes thanks for the warm words and interest! having all these integrations (and more are coming) has been our most requested feature since we started beta testing, and the app only becomes truly useful if you have >1 source (our retention metrics show it too), so we maximised our chances before a broader launch :) 1. No - Sunday doesn't store photos. It's a big difference with other/previous photo apps (Everpix... ❤️). Photos remain stored on the sources and Sunday accesses them directly. A thumbnail is cached on your device for faster/offline use. This makes it possible to keep the app free and not charge you for "yet another" cloud storage service (we think that problem is solved really well already). That being said, would you be interested in a "auto backup to cloud(s)" feature? 2. No business model yet, we have some ideas (print is often requested) but we want to learn what makes the most sense for our users as we grow and get more feedback. Not having a huge storage bill gives us some room to grow before we really need to figure it out. One of the key requirements for our model will be preserving the private/sensitive nature of personal photos. What would you think is a good fit for us?
@jeanfw Thanks for the response! 1. Yes, that would be interesting for me. We have some many photos in all different places, and many of them will not exist in some years. I would like to have a place where they are saved for prosperity. :) 2. I think the bussiness model could revolve around that and the backup functionality that we spoke on 1. Good luck!
Hey @jeanfw @laurent_chenay - nice app, we started @pastbook 5 years ago with a very similar proposition - we focus on reliving those memories in print, happy to talk if interested!
@danflopes thanks Daniel. super valuable feedback! 👍 backup is something we are prototyping (e.g. to Dropbox), and will ship if there's strong demand for it. the business model part is tricky, most people we met so far were very price sensitive on personal cloud storage so paying for an add-on service might not work. don't hesitate if you have any other questions!
Excellent. I have rediscvered so many of my photos thanks to Sunday :)
@ibaard Thanks for your kind words! Delighted you had a good time 😊, let us know if there's anything you miss!
Nice, thank you guys!
@jordansuccar thanks Jordan! let us know what you think of this first version!
Waw bravo guys! That was something that I really wanted! Be able to see a map of where my pictures have been taken! Wish you best of luck!
@david770 ☺️ thanks for the encouragement David! Means a lot!
Lovely app guys, just needs some speed optimisation of iPad Air 2 but nevertheless it is excellent and what a great idea!
@stevenlaw thanks Steven for the kind words! I've sent you a message in the app about the speed issues and get these fixed for you :). cheers!