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Hi everyone, we're so excited to hear your feedback about our roommate matching service, Sumu. =) Let us know what you think!
How does the actual product work?
@dtewfik Want to give us a quick explanation? :)
@hiimfloyd @drewmeyers Absolutely. So, users can signup and create a profile. Then, those with rooms available can post and include listing photos, amenities, and roommates. We've built messaging and searching/filtering by priority knowing that they are musts of this application. The application's core culture is about safety, transparency, and being able to find shared networks. Sumu is built with the belief that you are most likely to live with people that share same social networks. By finding information about where you live and who you plan on living with, you'll be able to find the perfect place, with the best roommates, at the right price. TL;DR: You create profiles and rooms and we use both to find the best roommate and room for you. =)
Love the name - it's Japanese, isn't it? :)
@saraclay15 It IS! We were excited when we found a simple way to describe our product. To live or to reside. =)