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I barely scan resumes and don't expect them when applicants apply to join the Product Hunt team. Where they've worked and how long they've worked there is important, but I'm more interested in how they think, projects/things they've done outside of work, and their ambitions.
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@rrhoover Do you get background from AngelList / LinkedIn, or just talk about it in an interview (or neither)?
@rrhoover Agreed. I love seeing success and failures people have had and what they learned from those. Maybe we can bring Product Hunt onto the Sumry Teams test once we're ready.
I think the design/ui looks like a great start, but similar to @rrhoover I firmly believe that resumes are antiquated, should be footnotes at best. Show people what you know don't tell them. We built the new StackStreet (https://stackstreet.com/about/) with this as a core tenet and cant wait to share it with the product hunt community!
@nelson_keating Totally agree with Ryan. We hate resumes too. 😄 There is room for a few people doing this. We just care that people are happy at work. We plan on being apart of making that happen, but if someone else does it, that's great. It's time for a change!
Hmm, the timeline view gets a little hard to parse / unreadable after a while. I think a much bigger step change to the resume is required for this to be interesting. Also you should definitely put a sample Sumry somewhere. I bounced after not seeing one (assuming you were trying to hide it because it wasn't that great), then came here & saw a few samples.
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@rogerdickey Thanks for the comments, Roger. This is merely step one — giving people the freedom to share who they actually are on their "resume." The next piece is bringing on teams (http://sumry.me/teams) that want a more human/personal hiring tool. Again, Sumry isn't a resume. :)
@natemhanson @rogerdickey I agree w Roger on two things. 1) I scanned for an example and bounced after not seeing one. 2) I also agree that the timeline is irrelevant for sections outside of one's professional journey. The contact section is the clearest example of the mismatch of UI to UX. Not quite sure why I'd need to see a "timeline" of someone's social media handles. That said, cool concept with (relatively) easy fixes. Much more engaging than apps like About.me
@drwolanin @rogerdickey Hey John, you're right. You must have seen old Sumrys where we had a Contact section. We've done away with that and all social links now show up at the top under your bio.
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I kept looking around on the homepage for a link to examples of sumrys before I had to sign up. It's helpful that there are examples linked in the discussion thread here - on the homepage would've been helpful too.
@karenxcheng We're working on adding that. Our developer @sebastiankade is asleep in Sydney right now, so he'll add those once he's up. :) For now: http://sumry.me/nate
I have been a LONG time user of Sumry and it's proven many times over to be useful. I have been discovered on numerous occasions via Sumry and received so many comments on the design and message. http://sumry.me/jason