Export highlights from PDFs

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If you ever read pdfs and highlight the texts you can use this site to export them into a text format. Previously I found myself screenshotting and then OCRing. this saves me a step
@msg Michael thank you for posting Sumnotes on PH!
Ah, this is amazing for University! Awesome :)
@sunebthorsen Great to be of help to you! We would like to hear about your experience with Sumnotes, and know more about your use case. Cheers Sune
I could use this for books I want to read. I have pdf files in google books but I can't highlight parts I like bs export them.
@forthecool Absolutely. What software do you use to highlight your books?
I'm extremely reluctant to pay for a service that just extracts highlights. Right now, my workflow includes (1) adding the file into zotero and (2) use zotfile to extract highlights in one click. I wonder why the major PDF readers do not have this function built-in by default.
@leejien Thank you for valuable feedback! Indeed, none of the PDF readers that we know has this functionality. Our philosophy is to make everything simple and fast. Unlike zotero, we don't require the user to install any software, learn how to use it, and we provide additional features like exporting your highlights to Evernote or Word. Essentially, we sell time. And I think our prices are extremely competitive, given that we save you hours of time ) Looking forward to hear from you, JiEn! Thanks again.
@JiEn you're my hero. Didn't know of this Zotero plug-in β€” it's really good! I'm working a lot with Z and PDF for University... also think the prizing for Sumnotes is a bit ridiculous for such a basic operation