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Hello - thanks Chris for hunting us. Glad to be back. Our initial launch went well, at least for the 3 days it was up. We ranked in the #1-5 position on the paid app store for more than 10 countries including USA, Canada and Australia. We realized that as we grew, our back-end was not built to withstand the amount of server requests - so in order to mitigate a crisis, we simply took the app down to work on it. We made changes to the server in ~2 days and all users who had the app purchased were able to use the app with no issues. We decided to keep the app off the app store, though. We decided to invest 1.5 months to rebuild the entire framework and architecture of the app. Summize 2.0 now includes learning NLP - as the userbase evolves, it learns from mistakes and makes improvements on the go. Another big change was the monetization model. We decided to change into a freemium subscription model. Free users get access to concept, keyword and bias analysis for up to 5 scans. Paid users ($1.99/mo) get access to all features (including grammar analysis, related videos, background info, instant annotation, flashcards) and have unlimited scans. Anyone who had purchased the app when it was previously $0.99 automatically get credited a lifetime paid subscription upon updating. The third big change was adding a save summize feature. Some users from our first version mentioned that they'd like to save their results so they could go back to them easily without hassle. So now, once you receive your summaries and analyses, you can click the 'Save' button in the top right corner and it'll be stored in the Saved tab. Here is a quick overview of the new features: Grammar Analysis: runs through the text (essay) and provides spelling, grammar, format and style suggestions Related Videos: provides a series of in-app videos that provide additional reference or background to the textbook page Background Info: pulls up every major & minor concept, as well as main words, and provides definitions, explanations and reasonings Instant Annotation: hyperlinks concepts, terms and events in the text which you can click and get an annotation (more info & explanation) Flashcards: pulls up interactive flashcards you can play inside the app that have to do with the textbook page The team is still myself (18 y/old), Carter Bjorklund (18 y/old) and Aiden Craig (16 y/old). We have future plans to expand into many more study departments including history and chemistry. There is a lot we can do and we're excited.
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@rghanem1 Congrats on the launch !! Really interesting to see the evolution. I would love to try it but I am on Android. Do you plan to expand on other plateforms one day ?
@rghanem1 Hello Rami, loving the idea. May I ask what OCR technology you guys use? Is it your own or some open source tech (Tesseract) or something else?
Back from the ashes, Summize has returned from 18-year-old founder @rghanem1 with a new UI, five new features, and the ability to save summizes. (And a freemium subscription model.) With Summize, you can scan a photo of your textbook or news article and instantly get access to a summary, concept analysis, keyword analysis, bias analysis, grammar analysis (essays), related videos, background info, instant annotation and flashcards.
So tell us what happened since the previous launch, being removed from the App Store and the 2.0 release :)
Very cool, I'll try this out shortly... but have you seen this which, unless affiliated w/you somehow and/or I'm out of it and missing something, is not even trying to hide that it's a knock-off of your app?
@andym_dc unaffiliated. They stole our icon and app screenshots and Apple approved them. Their app looks nothing like the screenshots. Apple Legal doesn't answer my claims (that is the 4th app that has stolen our assets and has been approved).
@rghanem1 Wow, that is pretty absurd. Sorry to hear about your issues w/this. Downloaded your version of course 😉. Really great work! Cheers!
Love the transparency and honesty. Great work.