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Thanks for the hunt - we're super appreciative! We launched Summize as a simple tool to help students get more from their textbook pages (and news articles). Our newest version introduces concept, keyword and bias analysis, along with a re-written summarizing algorithm. Some background - I'm 18 years old, have done some startup work before but this is my first serious project. I'm the Founder, and along with me on my team are Carter (18 years old) and Aiden (16 years old), both of whom ran the brains of the marketing campaign. πŸ™ŒπŸ» We launched the new version about 23 hours ago and we are now the #1 top paid app in the USA (#5 in Canada, #7 in the UK). Lots of opportunity to continue building Summize, and maybe some new AI-based apps in the future.
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@rghanem1 Awesome, congrats :) I feel like I save a million articles to Pocket each day but rarely get around to actually reading.... I'd love to see summarised text of what I've saved the next day. So I get the Mattermark daily or save 5 articles to pocket today... I dont get around to reading them, but Summize just sends me a summary of these... this would be πŸ’―
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@rghanem1 Looks like an awesome concept. Do you have the Android version?
@rghanem1 Like the app! Are you familiar with Summly? Was it an inspiration for you? I'd also love to hear what marketing tactics did you use to get to #1 on App Store...
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@philipsajeesh Not yet. We will consider it on our roadmap 😊
@rghanem1 Impressive functionality and well worth buying. That said, this seems like something you may want to mention in the description... "This app will not work with religious texts, novels or poems. Please only use textbook pages and or news articles." ... simply to avoid the brief twinge of negativity it made me feel before actually trying it out.
Huge congrats on the launch guys. So whens the Product Hunt AMA?
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Alternative tagline: CliffNotes for anything 😁
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Looks like an awesome concept! Wish I had this while I was in school... Would like to congratulate @rghanem1 (who it was fun to run into at SXSW) and the team on having the #1 paid app in the App Store right now!!!
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@nivo0o0 @rghanem1 yes i this is how i spotted it (actually when i posted it yesterday it was not #1 but i observed it was a fast raising one). Any insights on how that happened (and i guess this is not PH)?
The latest updates seem to have taken this app to the next level, good luck guys.
@maurice Thanks Mauricio! Appreciate it.