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Summer makes it fun and easy to organize and discover lists of books, podcasts, movies, shows, games, and music. It’s the one place you can organize the things that matter to you and your community. Soon we will be launching places, restaurants, and events.
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Thank you for hunting us, @moeamaya! What's up, ProductHunters! We are super excited to introduce you to Summer, an app we made during the last three months of quarantine. Crazy times! We made Summer as the one place to track and organize all the things we have done and we want to do. Everytime we saw VCs like Marc Andreessen and luminaries like Obama or Bill Gates share their reading lists or watchlists, we wished that there was an easier way to save those awesome recommendations in one place. We’ve all asked friends for recommendations for shows to watch, podcasts to listen to, video games to play, etc. We built Summer for you to use it for personal tracking of all your watchlists, book lists, or playlists. It’s also a great way to get inspired by your friends and communities. The first release of Summer is just focused on organizing content around books, movies, shows, podcasts, and music. We will be soon launching categories like places and events, so you can create lists such as “Restaurants to visit when the pandemic is over.” Give it a try and share your awesome lists with us and your friends. We would love to hear your feedback. See you on Summer!
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@moeamaya @huisleona Amazing work, Leona. This is fun 🙏
@mslagh Appreciate it Mike. Would love to see your lists on Summer soon. 🙏🏽
Summer is one of those apps that seems so obvious once you experience the magic of it—creating lists of ALL the content you consume. Educating yourself on issues of diversity, coping with a new remote office reality, or learning how to talk to plants?? There are curated lists of books, podcasts, and songs to help you through each one! Built by friends, a bunch of experienced product folks from Netflix and Airbnb, I'm so excited to see this product out in the wild!
Thanks @moeamaya for the support! 🙏 I'm lucky to collaborate with the Summer team and so excited to see what people do with their lists. What kind of lists can you make? Some I've created: • My favorite thriller/mystery stories that keep you on the edge of your seat. • A list of my physical books that I'm willing to lend to friends. • A nostalgia list of my favorite video games. I don't play as much games as I used to but I remember staying up late playing Sims 2 and RollerCoaster Tycoon 2. • Music albums that I can listen thoroughly without skipping. You might ask, "But why do we need to make lists?" or "Why do we need an app?" • There's so much content—we get overwhelmed. Lists help prioritize what's important to you. Don't waste time scrolling through Netflix or Hulu when you already have a list. • What you consume, makes up who you are. Lists can be time capsules that remind you of who you were and how you've grown. • Sharing your recommendation lists becomes a conversation starter. Following your friends' lists will keep you inspired. Download Summer, and follow my lists @ matt.
I love this concept. I've been considering building something like this for years - glad you ended up doing it! It's really beautifully executed as well. I've thought about this space a lot but the biggest piece of feedback I'd have for taking this product to the next level is scraping existing lists from the internet. Obama's book list is already out in the world. Why wait for him to become a user to share it with your users? Same with NYT book lists, Wirecutter tech lists, etc. Solves the cold start / lack of content problem immediately and makes it useful for people without a lot of friends on the app. What are your plans for next steps? Super excited for y'all :)
@thatguybg Thanks for the shoutout and awesome suggestions. You are right, all these lists by celebrities or editorials are all already out there. We have been collecting and surfacing these lists in our Explore/Discovery section. What are some of other cool recommendation lists do you pay attention to? As for our next steps, we are working to improve the web app version to make it even easier to share. Our Android and desktop apps will be out soon and we are planning to add places and events as categories. Let us know if you have any other suggestion, really appreciate it.
@thatguybg yeah those a great ideas. We are already pulling some of the New York Times onto the app. check on the explore tabs under "Recommender for you" under books. Def wanna scrape more and more lists to collect and add to our explore page.
This looks awesome. Downloaded and excited to try it out!
@thinker Thank you for signing up. Would love to follow your lists on Summer. Would appreciate any feedback.