Summary Box

Instantly summarize any webpage or article

Summary Box is a Chrome extension that uses AI to summarize any news article or blog post that you want to get the main points out of. It allows you to generate summaries with a hotkey or with a button that automatically appears when it detects an article.
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Hey everyone! As busy product makers, it's hard to read as much news and blog posts as you would like to. This is the reason I built Summary Box - a Chrome extension that allows you to summarize any webpage or news article. I'm always looking for ways to read faster, and lately, I've been interested in the idea of merging artificial intelligence with human intelligence. I felt that this would be a step in that direction. Hope it saves you some time!
@jon_ching This is a great product idea!! Did it take you years to develop or it was fast? How did you managed to develop this?! 🤔🤔 I'm UI/UX designer, btw ...
@albertolay Thanks! I was able to build it fairly quickly :)
@jon_ching I see. Good luck in your enterprise then, Jon 😊👍🏼
I love the part that shows where the summarised pieces come from.
I really like the fact that it is time saving. Time that would have been spent reading just one article can be saved up for all others thus enriching readers knowledge bank. Great job @jonching.
wow I have been looking for something like this ... I just went through 20 articles worth of information in 2 minutes. pretty accurate on the summaries too.
seriously loving it. Pro: It really does what it sais and even in german it offers decent results (you should not blindly rely on) Cons: nothing really so far Suggestion: Please consider using meta info from websites as provided especially on sites with no/low content to summarise - such as your own site :)
@frankis Thanks for the kind words and the suggestion! I will look into it, as I already use a bit of meta info. to detect articles. It definitely makes sense to use it for the opposite to detect non-articles.