A blockchain-powered bot that summarizes information for you

SummarizeBot is a AI and Blockchain-powered chatbot that analyzes a document, weblink or multimedia file, extracts its main ideas and puts them into a short summary.

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Sounds interesting but I wonder how the blockchain plays a role in this 🤔
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@amrith I’m curious too
@amrith It probably doesn't have anything to do with it.. just a title to confuse investors and fanboys. At this point, it's beyond pathetic. Their description of blockchain in their site is.. embarrassing.
@amrith We apply decentralized architecture to train and test our artificial intelligence model. Using blockchain technology helps us to collect more confidential data for training. Besides with blockchain we anonymously tested our classification model with different experts in this field (content creators, lawyers, librarians, students, teachers and etc.) to find the most accurate text features and weights for the classification algorithm. As blockchain database, we've used BigchainDB.
@amrith @snird our main technology is multilingual summarization, but not blockchain.
*something that's already been done* powered by *insert buzzword*
@evankimbrell what other versions of this are there?
@adam_kelly smmry, cindicator bot, summarizer (telegram). There are even a couple ones for slack
@evankimbrell do they have APIs, the one for this costs quite a lot
@adam_kelly Don't know. Would have to investigate
@adam_kelly @evankimbrell non of them are working properly. Non of them supporting this amount of languages we do. Non of them having features we have.
Been evaluating semantic processing APIs and software for months. This is great work.

Interesting idea and app concept


Easy to use, help me to read long articles and avoid information noise



I just tried this and I noticed it just picks few sentences from the big article and calls it summary :-(
@praveenpoojary1 There are two types of automatic summarization: - extraction summarization: the automatic system extracts key sentences and key points from the entire documents, without modifying the objects themselves. - abstraction summarization or annotation: abstraction involves paraphrasing sections of the source document. It seems SummarizeBot is the extraction-based system. But it works for me because I deal mainly with the news and want to see an original content.