Personal pocket stylist that helps you look good

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Doesn't look like I can upload photos of my own clothes for this, which would be awesome. Otherwise, it just feels like another retail site.
@esbrigham Hey Elizabeth, thank you for your feedback! We are planning to add this option later :) Not all retail sites offer the whole outfit personalized to your body type and fashion preferences. We have also added an option to try on outfits on your avatar. Right now this option is available for men only, soon will be available for ladies! :) We hope you will like it :)
AI is clearly the buzzword du jour. How does AI in this case differ from a recommendation algorithm?
@chrismessina Hello Chris, By AI we mean a smart feed that learns your preferences and gives you more personalized result. Machine learning would probably be more suitable here. Recommendation algorithm is not only about matching your preferences. It processes all items and combines them into outfits according to the rules written by professional stylists.
This seems more like Pandora's Music Genome Project than AI. The site should also focus more on Show than Tell. If there were a clean wizard experience, onboarding me and throwing me a starter suggested set, I'd be pretty sold on the value, but right now, I'm having a hard time seeing it.
@elizabethhunker hi Elizabeth, we're not so familiar with Pandora's Music Genome Project, but frankly, our tech is more machine learning than Artificial Intelligence. As social network users having their feed and understands what like and dislike actions are, we suggested not to make any additional wizard experience, onboarding you to the process, your feed is learning while you're using it.
Thank you @ashleylaurel! Dear Product Hunters, We do our best to suit up people all around the World! For a few last years we've been working with professional stylists, mathematicians and a great team of programmers to create styling algorithms that can help everybody look good and feel confident, it doesn't matter how old they are, which color of skin and body type they have. Online styling is booming now, but SuitApp has a few extra features that differentiate us from competitors. In SuitApp you can take a selfie, set body parameters and we'll create your avatar. You can try all recommended outfits on this avatar! We implement this feature step by step - now avatar with customer's face is available for men only. We are still improving our algorithms and in the nearest future will add different body types and color skins as well as female avatars. We are constantly updating our content to provide you with new outfits from AI and real stylists. Moreover, to help you understand some fashion rules and inform about last trends we've created fashion blog ( We are hoping to help you enjoy your daily outfits and buy clothes that suits your body, color type and match other items from your wardrobe. We launched only 2 months ago and still have a lot of things to improve. However, we really hope that you'll appreciate our idea and help us with your feedback.
I love this app :D