Sugr Cube

Portable WiFi speaker with Touch & Motion control

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Sugr Cube speakers is finally in mass production and ready for global sales from today after its successful Kickstarter campaign. Sugr Cube is the world's first portable Spotify speaker with Touch & Motion control. Adopts Touch & Motion Play Control. Tap the top of Cube for PLAY/STOP. Tilt Cube left/right 45° for PREVIOUS/ NEXT track. Directly connect to Wi-Fi for wireless online music streaming, all done by Sugr Cube. By directly streaming music from many online radio stations, Sugr plays independently from your smart phone. Music experience is never interrupted by phone calls, texts or notifications.Sugr Cube comes with Spotify Connect built right in, using the Spotify app as a remote. Enjoy the music together! Sugr Cube is also compatible with Airplay, connecting your iPhone®, iPad®, Mac®, for streaming your music. Has a battery life of 24 hours and storage for hundreds of songs.
thanks ! @kwdinc When Sugr team started design Sugr Cube, we wanted to build a physical music app. We wanted it to look like an app, we want it to operate like an app. So we designed an Intangible Interface on a speaker for the first time, which is button-less and minimalism. We designed the Cube to be exactly the shape of an iOS app icon. The goal is to turn it into an app in the real world. This goal turns out to be a very hard job for the team. To make a perfect wooden curve surface, we have tried over 20 manual processes to build the box, And more than a dozen of wooden materials. The team had almost gave up the round corner since it’s too complex and too expensive. What kept us insist was the Apple engineering spirit, the pursuit of perfection. Before starting Sugr, I have been in the consumer electronics for over 12 years. I had developed DVD players, MP3 players and smartphones. Before iPhone, the business was always competing on cost and price. The whole business was going down year over year. When Steve Jobs released iPhone and later got huge success, the whole industry started to respect design, consumers now understand quality products and the beauty of design. Jobs and Apple have saved this industry. So when I started Sugr, I wanted to show respect to Apple. So the whole Sugr Cube design followed such spirit: classical iconic shape, pursuit of perfection on design and engineering. I hope more people could know this product and love it.
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