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Hey! Sugggest lets your easily fill your Buffer queues with suggested Articles, Tweets and Quotes. With a simple drag and drop interface, you can fill your queues in seconds. This is a simple side project built in a few weeks, let me know your thoughts! P.S This is for desktop only, apps will be coming soon! Thanks
I'll try this tool asap! I already love this Trello/Jira-style dashboard, and it's exactly what I wanted to share content on Buffer. It'll spare me from copy/pasting stuff from Feedly :D
@quentindty great ha, let me know what you think of it :)
cool idea... but add Hootsuite please :)
@alimirza2k yeah ill be adding this very soon :)
@daniellematy awesome.. looking forward to it
Has this been shut down? I get this when I try to go to the site:
@barnabybones It is now displaying the Apache default index page. Shame as this is a great tool that I loved using for my new startup company
@whatjackhasmade Yeah, I was really liking it too. It is a shame. I tried going to the site today and the domain was bought by someone else or something. I think it had a phishing pop-up on it 😬 ⚠️
Will this work with Hootsuite?
@sam_cholera not yet, but i could definitely add this :)