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PH is amazing, because of products like these
CWilsonHunter@cmwilson15 · Indie Developer, Follow The Circle
Awesome project guys! It's not always you find useful products that helps the lifestyle of others. My wife is a type 1 diabetic, so to see anything that addresses this disease is great. I don't think enough attention is being given to it despite how many people are affected by it. Your technology looks pretty good! Good luck on the launch.
Shai Rosen
Shai RosenMakerHiring@shairosen · Cofounder at Suggestic
@cmwilson15 Thank you! We really appreciate the encouragement.
Alex Diaz
Alex Diaz@optimusdiaz · ⚡️ Maker • Marketer • BizDev • Geek⚡️
Wow - this is so amazing to see; my girlfriend has type 1 and like was mentioned before - not something that gets a lot of attention despite how many really go through this. keep it up squad.
Shai Rosen
Shai RosenMakerHiring@shairosen · Cofounder at Suggestic
@optimusdiaz Thanks Alex! Pushing hard over here to do as much as we can.
Md. Sohel Rana
Md. Sohel Rana@sohelrana_jsk · Ak Global Network
Amazing product, love it totally !
David Liu
David Liu@keydaliu · Founder, Project Chae
This is a cool product, but as a medical student I'm a little skeptical of some of the marketing here. "Based on those principles, we look into your lab results - DNA, blood, saliva and gut microbiome." Is there really evidence for looking into these things, as opposed to just looking at the HbA1c of the consumer/patient? What evidence points towards the use of DNA, saliva, gut microbiomes in diabetic management? Do you guys have an endocrinologist as an advisor? Which bit is the machine learning part? Waiting for more on your "Research" page. If you guys really have evidence for this, though, that's fantastic! The cross roads between machine learning and medicine is definitely something that will become an important part of healthcare, so - skepticism aside - hope you guys succeed in improving the prognosis for those afflicted by diabetes.
Shai Rosen
Shai RosenMakerHiring@shairosen · Cofounder at Suggestic
@keydaliu great questions David! Some examples: - Gut microbiome affects glycemic response - DNA affects affects nutritional requirements - Stress hormones (saliva tests and blood tests) affects blood glucose levels - Inflammation affects insulin resistance - Pollutants and heavy metals affect a number of metabolic pathways HbA1c is an outcome, but not a cause of diabetes, it all depends on how you look at things. Everything we do is evidence-based and we tend to only use large studies (2,000+ people) with at least one additional replication study. Happy to share specifics if you DM later. We use machine learning in different ways, one of them is to further personalize the user's suggested program by looking at the effects of those suggestions. Thank you! We really appreciate the encouragement.